Luke Atkinson

At the age of four, Luke was given a cornet to try. By the age of twelve, Luke achieved his grade four and started at Hathern Youth Band. After a year at this band, it was decided Luke was ‘’too big’’ and was given a tuba to try. After two years with Hathern Youth Band, Luke was asked to join Ibstock Brick Brass Band, a first section band, on E flat tuba.

After two enjoyable years at Ibstock, Luke was asked to join Oddfellows Brass Band to compete in the first section national finals at Harrogate. During his time at Oddfellows, Luke, at the age of sixteen, won the soloist prize at the West Midlands Brass Band Association Contest for the E flat bass solo in ‘’Journey Into Freedom’’. As a result of this, the Head of Music at John Cleveland College offered Luke a place to study for his A Levels. During his time at JCC, Luke joined Wigston Brass Band where the Head of Music, Gary Sleath was the conductor. Luke has a lot to thank Gary for, as he improved Luke as a player and a person. In his first year at JCC, Luke was asked to play for Leicestershire Schools Symphony Orchestra, where he toured Prague in 2014.

Luke successfully auditioned for Birmingham Conservatoire in 2014, where he received a scholarship to study tuba under the guidance of Graham Sibley (CBSO) and Les Neish. In his first year, Luke joined the Staffordshire Brass Band on E flat bass. During his first three years at Birmingham Conservatoire, Luke has played with Birmingham Conservatoire Brass Band and Symphony Orchestra. Luke also plays with a German band (Brass Band Sachsen) where he recently competed in the World Championships.

Luke auditioned for Virtuosi GUS Brass Band in January 2016, and joined after the Butlins Contest that year on B flat bass. During Luke’s time at GUS, the band has been successful in winning two Midland Area Titles, the Masters and Butlins Mine Workers Contest. Luke is looking forward to many more successful times with Virtuosi GUS