Siobhan Bates

Siobhan found she could get a decent sound out of a brass instrument when she was just three years old and by five she was enjoying playing french horn and tenor horn in the brass and wind bands at the local music centre. She had lessons on the french horn but always played the tenor horn as well - just for fun. She has attended Birmingham Junior Conservatoire on french horn each Saturday since the age of ten, playing Principal Horn in the orchestras and ensembles there.

From age thirteen to fifteen she enjoyed being a part of the Gresley Colliery Youth and Senior bands giving her valuable experience of "Brass Banding", and in 2015 she became the LBBA Junior Champion. She is at present Solo Horn at Youth Brass 2000 and until her appointment with Virtuosi GUS, she had been the Solo Horn with Foresters Brass 2000.

During the last few months, Siobhan has made the controversial decision to take the french horn less seriously in favour of studying the tenor horn and, after always being self-taught, she has now begun to be tutored on the instrument for the first time ever. After entering the BBC Young Brass Award earlier in 2015 she was pleasantly surprised to reach the semi-final of only 8 players and played two solos with the Brighouse and Rastrick Band. She is now working with her tutor Owen Farr towards perfecting audition pieces to hopefully gain a place at one of the music colleges in 2016.