Shawn Pagington

Son of a Salvationist, by the age of 10 Shawn was already contesting with his local brass band. He spent 10 years with the Northamptonshire County Youth Brass Band under the baton of John Berryman and in his mid teens joined the Williams Davis Construction Group Band where he stayed for a number of years.

Following a break from playing in the early nineties Shawn joined the Rolls Royce Coventry band where he stayed for almost 3 years, the later part on solo euphonium. Shawn left Rolls Royce at the start of 2001 and joined Travelsphere Holidays Band on baritone before moving on to euphonium to join Rob Woods.

Shawn also currently holds the Solo Euphonium seat for the Young Ambassadors Band of Great Britain.

In addition to playing, Shawn is also the Band Manager of the Virtuosi GUS Band.