Stanley Boddington

Within the band at its outset in 1933, was a young cornet player named Stanley Boddington. Fred Felton was shrewd enough to appoint Stanley as Resident Conductor and this proved to be an inspired decision. Thus began a relationship with the band that was to last over forty years, but moreover, was to see the band eventually move into its most successful and revered era.

Stanley worked and learned from William Halliwell and then from the equally renowned Harry Mortimer, at all times honing his own musical skills, but when he was eventually rewarded with the honour of the official appointment of Musical Director, the band truly moved to the pinnacle of the movement, and what is more, stayed there for some considerable time.

Six National Championships, The British Open Championship twice and their crowning glory, World Champions of 1971. Stanley had learned and learned well, but this was a golden era that he had earned all for him-self as he stood supreme in the brass band movement.

The last performance with Stanley Boddington in charge of the GUS Band was before a packed audience at Worcester Cathedral during the famous Three Choirs Festival. This farewell performance came shortly after his 70th birthday in 1975.

His service to the band world was recognised in 1981 when he was awarded the M.B.E. in the New Years Honours List.